by The MC Faceman

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released January 31, 2011

Tracks 1, 3, 5 Produced by KO Beatz
Track 2 Produced by Swollen Drumz
Track 4 Produced by Anno Domini
Track 6 Produced by AllRounda
Track 7 Produced by Vega
Track 8 Produced by Luger McCoy
Bonus Track Produced by Heavyweight Beats

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The MC Faceman Brooklyn, New York

The MC Faceman is Progressive Hip-Hop fusing raw lyricism and unique concepts.

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Track Name: wordemup YO!!! ft. M-Tri
_Wordemup yo, wordemup (wordemup)
_Wordemup yo, wordemup (wordemup)
_Wordemup, wordemup, wordemup yo
_Wordemup yo, wordemupskislopes x2

_I ain't ya hero, unburdenin free hope
But when it's time to buss I'm the first in the depot

_Somethin's been buggin me, concernin me deep though
Can't turn up on streets robed in a turban or sheet cloak

I don't like your tone, unless you're turnin up P.SO
Mind ya fuckin attitude, drink your fuckin Apple Juice!

_Excuse the weed smoke I'm burnin up tree folks
Till the Lord rings I'ma murder in beast mode

_I don't lead folks down slopes I word em up it
_And I don't fuck Big Birds, dawg, word to muppet

_I bring the ruckus, you bring the Rufus,
Two eyes from a third, you only sing of hubris

_Your bling is horrid, depicts the eye of horus
Ignorant that the symbol represents those who whore us

__Motherfucker where's the core us?
__Motherfucker where's the chorus?

_Wordemup yo, wordemup (wordemup)
_Wordemup yo, wordemup (wordemup)
_Wordemup, wordemup, wordemup yo
_Wordemup yo, wordemupskislopes
Track Name: Piff Wit It ft. Warren S. Britt & Precise I.V.

Rockin 'round town but I don't got the dough
[I don't have to throw cash at em]

Still got in 'round sound because I got the door
[I get in with no hasslin]

Jus nod n round pound n I'm unbounceable
[Walkin through rows dappin em]

Cuz I'm so piff wit it

Freaky deekin every weekend, watch me go
[Never said no to S&M]

I meet a cheeky chicky and I'm out the door
[Two shots of 'tron and that's enough]

I'm really really really unstoppable
[Throw in a bone and add it up]

Yea I'm so piff wit it


I spit a winner wit no filler watch me flow
[Never could throw trash at em]

A minute in it and my shit'll shock ya soul
[I spit with a grown caliber]

No gimmick or a limit that I've got to show
[Walkin through foes crackin up]

Cuz I'm so piff wit it

I puff enough to snuff a whole box of dro
[Ready to smoke, pass the Dutch]

I crunchy munch a munchy wit my eyelids low
[Hungry for mo' trashy grub]

A three for fifty is so nifty cop it yo
[Whether an O or a dub]

Yea I'm so piff wit it


I'm so piff, already you should know that
Since life's a game then God must do my mo-cap

_Oh snap, my two fingers make a ho snap
Call it throw back, convulsions make her toes crack

_Holes jacked o lantern, carved wit penis
I'ma genius I get a cut from her orthopaedic

_Paraplegic, she still loves my rhymes
I got her diggin the underground, cuz it's a gold mine

_No lyin I'm goin for greatest of all time
Whether on a beat or beatin til I get alzheim's

_Cuz by then finally I'll be payin no mind
Sittin at a desk with a stack of papers to co-sign

_And you're piff too, ya just don't know it yet
Tell yourself you're piff, you might just show it - yes!

_Not no, overcome your fears
Run with your ideas and soon enough you'll see it


A shotty to ya nani's how my cock'll poke
[Like potatoes I mash it up]

No money for Ed Hardy go n cop ya own
[Buy your own clothes ya gold digger]

Ya body will get floppy from the rock and roll
[Leave you mad sore in the holes I fuck]

Cuz I'm so piff with it

Many have already tried to stop or slow
[Haters and foes, I laugh at them]

My gritty, witty also quippy conscious flow
[They didn't know I mastered this]

But every heavy can be steady taught to know
[Never too old to pass the test]

That I'm so piff with it

Face, Britt, Precise on the track

Takin the lice up outta rap

Sprayin it right and that's a fact

We're so piff wit it

Out in the crowd dappin us

Shoutin out loud thas wassup

Bouncin around cuz you're what!?

You're so piff wit it!
Track Name: Who Benefits?..

_After a terrorist hits, and billions are spent
On national defense, well then, who benefits?

_Medicine gettin us sick, and for the side effects
We need another medicine fix, so who benefits?

Police learnin militant tricks from army regiments,
When the enemies are residents, who benefits?

Pop culture givin our kids sedative messages
Critical thinking is dead, so who benefits?


_The media's more federal than the reserve
_And our government's more privately owned than we've heard

G-20, Bilderberg, Trilateral commissioners
Google these terms before there's no net left to search

_Keywords are DARPA technology
The internet was created to eliminate our privacy

World Wide Wiretap, ya life via wire jack
A power tact, like the yellow five in a Sour Patch

...The People took the web but they want it back
Cyberterrorism's just a pretense to block our path

_The oil spill, a pretext to carbon tax
Look who sold their stocks, who's makin money? Goldman Sachs

_Hold it, behold the facts, defense contracts
Constrict the map with conscripts leavin con tracks

_Put on ya contacts, look at the context,
_Look at their contacts, Who Benefits?


_So what's it all boil down to - who, what, when, and how?
Why does Bill Gates wanna bring global population down?

Down, Syndrome from ingredients artificial
Fasho, genetically modded products on the shelf

For show- they label it diet, it's sugar-free try it
You'll mash ya brain with all the aspartame in Trident

_Don't buy it, they're tryna keep us quiet
Keep it all natural or become a compliant appliance

Bankin' cartels wants us dead weight like barbells
Cuz who needs slaves when you got robots that can farm well?

_I-ain't-concerned with Roswell, but the banks that got bailed
When the stocks fell - now that's out this world

Politically prized racial divide keeps us spacially pried
It's basically pride they manipulate to make us take sides

_The left-right paradigm is made up of lies-
With a mirage of discontent, Who Benefits?


_The military's gettin trained to fight domestic terror
_But who's a terrorist? Whoever's tryna test the fuhror

Oops, I mean puppet, corporations cause the ruckus
Now they body scan ya, forget checkin ya luggage

You'll kick the bucket from the radiation off that X-Ray station
_Best stay patient for the virus in ya medication

_Ya vaccines got mercury and squalene
And flouride in your life will only leave ya brain clean

_So many false flags, but who's the punk that's refereein'?
_Isoscoledron hyper demons lie to block our reason

_We're goin from war to war like door to door
But no one's gettin knocked for treason cuz they ignore

The laws, it's illegal to charge without congress leadin
My allegiance is to the constitution they want defeated

_Who wants to see us indebted to creditors
Bred on their sedatives we're dead to them, let em live? They benefit!
Track Name: Hello Rider ft. Eric Choy (guitar)

Then it came to the time that the Rider Man had to go

See as legends have foretold the future would show us one as bold
The savior of our time, he saved our lives

He first appeared with thirst and beard across the desert his death came near
No water in him left to tear this place was but a mirage he feared

I've, found my point of destiny
I've cleansed my soul
Now I'm wide awake, oh a road
It was not hallucination
Not a point of lunacy
What I've found's my destination
..Not a vision of a desert spring

He had lost his horse along the way for miles on foot he walked astray
Never got to stop in shade barren was the path

He dug to drink and ate off snakes, prayed to God for heaven's sakes
Approached but one of seven lakes and dove into the sand

Scorpions, tarantulas, ants that'd gorge ya hand to ya
Skeleton's metacarpuls one night when sleepin he caught a armful

_It was too hard to guess as parts of flesh went to the insects
_He zipped his fly and pissed them off

Why have I not died I seek the signs
My eyes can't see the truth

But as I asked this basked in madness
Light afar soon came in view

He crossed the dunes in awful pain, midnight the time he saw the shine
By now himself he thought insane, manic then he laughed

Ha ha ha he horsely yelled, confident he'd lost his mind
But real the knell of tower bells and graphic was the grass


I've, found my point of destiny
I've cleansed my soul
Now I'm wide awake, oh a road
It was not hallucination
Not a point of lunacy
What I've found's my destination
..Not a vision of a desert spring

We found him in a spot passed out by a tree
Had all the townsfolk like who is he
Look-it he's not dead it's true he breathes
He came from the desert all through our sleep

Where am I huh who is me? Sandy eyes I barely see
You're in town far from view of sea not many outsiders come through that D

E-S-E-R-T but now that we've met we party
Quick before the demoness starts to feed, take this water and follow me

Honestly, now wutchu mean? There's no demons none that I've have seen
And that's when I saw it's glow

When I raised up my eyes, to my horror, in the sky
Was a serpent with a scythe that crowed

Her voice was like ice, brought me terror when she dived
With a fervent cry the demon said hello

Have no fear.. I am here
To commandeer your soul

No smart ideas as I come near
Yes I see ya, don't move


I've, found my point of destiny
I've cleansed my soul
Now I'm wide awake, oh a toad
It was not hallucination
Not a point of lunacy
What I've found is my damnation
..Not a vision of a desert spring

He tried his hardest to resist the goddess of darkness
Her face was hot as a comet both figuratively and not it

Glowed for miles! enchantin while hidin a promise of bile
Vile was her intent like sea sirens her offense was guile

She tempted him - entered his mind hypnotized
The man who rides soon saw his gun handle rise from his thighs

But surprise, he-did-not-die, the barrel faced the devil
Then she shrieked to the rider impossible!!!

Foolish demoness you couldn't see it yet
Out of the dust I no longer had a mind to lose

Now you'll be put to rest, these people will be free at last
I'll cast you into the crust through a hole in the dunes

Noooo!! now with evil gone my need has drawn
To a close, who's to know where next my feet will dawn

_I need a steed as strong to pass the mountains ahead
Away from your stead cuz I ride alone
Track Name: Inner Demons ft. SuperKing Armor
I.. can't tell dark from light, cancelled spark from sight
But I burn well like an arson type far from fright

_A bright flare cut loose unaware of Sun Tzu
My inner demon's a nightmare come true x2


Peace and love brother, hey greetings sister,
I'm feinin to blister ya frame and picture like beezlebub done it

_You like my disc, word? What's your favorite track number?
_Seven's the interlude ya dumb motherfucker!!

Yo, are you comin to my show? You clicked attending,
Quit pretending, it makes it tempting to cut up ya throat

_I devote much time to spit dispensing
But if you don't come out, who's gonna pick my cotton.. mouth?

Pause, no plantation, it don't take a slave to take it
It takes a slave to make it, total and utter dedication

Two hours pennin' greatness, one hour recordin
Four hours mixin it and infinite self-promotion

_I sit and hope you not to cliquey for a click
To download my shit when I ask nothing for it

So, when you ignore it, my inner demons flourish,
They forage your forlorness, my kindness forfeits

In four fits, my fist rips through the wall by the fourth hit
_Where's my forceps? To get your support is like

Pullin at ya overbite with a packaged plastic fork and knife
_I try to be humble, but bundled in my core is spite

_Fuck a simple sixteen, this is chorus spite
I'll spit in two cups and a string, fuck a chordless mic

_I'm in central bookin hopin I'll make court tonight
Everybody's poppin but me? I wanna cork a life

_I wish everyone I support and like could watch me rhyme
And mortgage time so I know exactly to whom I should offer mine

_But maybe I'm buggin, back to my senses
I'm chokin on resentments but I'm not gettin any fresh breath

_Of air, I test strength and wonder will but this ain't
_A fair, my grip clenched I want to kill off this mane

_Of hair? Ah! You like this fucking flow?-
Current.. affair, just say yea, say yea

_But NO!! You don't deserve it haha
_Ah! the glow, watch this demon burn my chakra!

Track Name: Bobbleheads
Yo, they're not your friends
No, they're bobbleheads
See they widdle waddle wit no sorrow watch em bobble


_Hopefully you got friends you can trust
Not pretend grins who's ends are what they lust

Cuz those limbs must be cut ya limp loves the crutch
But it's better to roll limbless than jump the clutch

Some are a plus but more are parasites actin nice
Playin down terror-spite while raisin the crown

They're on ya good side but they're weighin it down
So if you do capsize their lies're prayin you drown

They might stick a hand out but oops butterfingers
Hover-linger, here's another ringer, you jump hoops

Dog, pull another trick to sustain them
But after one favor you can't really blame them

For their dependence as a core to their presence
You feel responsible if you remove em though their obstacles

_They are not for you, they have not been true
For every friend that gotchu is a borrowed tin apostle


_When you call they click but when they need somethin who's hollerin?
They're not your friends

_Don't even bother with.. people who take but never try to give
But they still claim they got you

_Blank and nondescript.. only when shook will they nod their head
They're bobbleheads

_Don't even bother with.. those who fake the life they live
See they widdle waddle wit no sorrow watch em bobble


_Hollow, halo.. tomatto, tomato
Motto enabled, often times the nicest's the sado

_When it comes to mind pay no or keep payin
And complyin, that's why the Mayans are deep layin

_Betrayin, a universal constant
Gotta love the sun but one day we'll be its boxed lunch

_But that's inevitable, what I speak of can be
Prevented at will trust in only friends that are real

Concealed hate percolates say no yes men
You need feedback or else there's no progression

Bobbleheads'll nod instead right to their death bed
And you'd think from noddin off that they'd be well rested

_But many a sleepless hour may seep their power
They lack the confidence, hence, they're seen as cowards

Leeches for crumbs of ya loaf they approach, they think
theyre stuntin and they're right cuz they're stuntin ya growth



Yo, appeasin you defeatin you by misleading you
[They're not your kin]

_They're deceivin you see them through they're see-through
[When ya gone they claim they got you]

No, never frank or quick only when tapped will they nod their head
[They're bobbleheads]

_No acknowledgin people faker than collogen
[See they riddle rattle, point the arrow, watch em babble]


_Narrow minded, self-interest sided
_What have they provided that you haven't guided?

If you were indicted, would they say that you might've,
And play the misguided, then show you the dust before you bite it?

_If you ever collided, would it be fixable
Or would it fall flat like a simple 2 dimensional?

_A hole in the hull will show their soul's role
_Once the ship is sinkin is it exit left their thinkin?

_True friends will encourage and motivate
_(yea) Loose ends never flourish and cultivate

But with hidden enemies they garnish and marinate
Then bake at a low simmer when it's hot it's yo dinner

_Now that's food for thought but what about for soul
I need more than fried chicken and rolls, the doubt is cold

_What are me and you amountin to, I'll count the toll
If you widdle waddle there's no sorrow go and bobble
Track Name: Save The World ft. OTiS CLaPP

There's so much calamity, so many yosimete symmetries
Between the tyrants in pliant reign and those who we label enemies

Hard to believe we live in the same world that brought us Kitty Genovese,
38 ignored her pleas, social diffusion.. no sympathy?

Or lack of responsibility you've forgotten your capabilities
Only faith in oneself will determine your reality

At ease, enjoy the present to set ya future free don't look at me
Internally you can find your peace, end disease, cut the strings

_When we think we make, thoughts become things
What would you like to create to end the suffering?

_Only we can save ourselves.. no matter where we dwell
A pattern to excel can propel us where we delve

If positive thinkin can stop us from sinkin
Then why are we blinkin to our own reflections flinchin

Distracted by distinctions.. all you need is ya instincts
Scrap the divisions for glaring truth no more wink wink


Help your fellow man when possible but a patch won't clear his obstacles
Let him latch on to a crutch from you and his focus he will start to lose

_His independence will diffuse, salvation
Isn't a band aid it's more like surgery on your point of view

_Cuz listen, perception.. becomes truth,
Set a goal, you will reach it, tippy toes is what belief is

_Pick up the pieces, take ownership of ya weakness
The bonus is if defeated, you will know what it takes to beat it

I do not cast blame, that shadow's laid by heathens
Blind to systematic sequence, each disadvantage seamless

Woven into the fabric, they can't see it
Cuz to acknowlege inequality's to nullify their acheivements

_Forget a piggyback we gotta walk under our own force
But jobs gettin outsourced got me privy to a gimme that

No divvy that, the consequences leave my brain to melt,
Only people can save the world but only you can save yourself
Track Name: (p)Imperialism

Pimp - pimp - pimp - (p)Imperialism
They stole all our land and they raped all our women

(p)Imperialism, (p)Imperialism
Since they became the man, they treat us like children

(say it) Pimp - pimp - pimp - (p)Imperialism
They put our bodies to work while our soul's in a prison

(p)Imperialism, (p)Imperialism
Only a chorus like this could get you to listen


Acknowledge, this ain't about race, it's fact homage,
The weight of the world's on impoverished backs piled on

The third world shrugs like Atlas, the rich like Kanye
Resources deported to the new age Pompeii

_That's ready to suffocate, and never resuscitate
Ash in your lungs and brain *cough*

Excuse me don't lose me, the Hutus killed Tutsis
But Kagame wasn't trained in Africa, homie

Pardon me don't part from me, Puerto Rico's a colony
American robbery, jus ask Filiberto

Open his coffin and question the man's cuerpo
Be careful for queso you're muerto to the central

Intelly, in Iran they had General
Zahedi, in Chile they had Pinochet boot Allende

_I see it simply, if you're anti-globalist
Notice this they will invade 'soon as you press play



Parasitic as a pair of cynics stealing your essence essentially
The scent of descent of our cents since sense lost sentience's set us free

_But not from tyranny.. more like our liberties
Corporations outsourced their national identities

The top multinationals just happened to go overseas
Factories a factor concluding America's chapter

Bearin disaster, our government's masters evacu
-ating and abiding our decaying body and all that is inside it

No jobs sighted, so one-sided,
So long itis, hello genociders

Yellow friends of midas, a little too touchy feely
Money freely doubled subtle-ly we're sold cheaply

Whored off with no more protection
Beggin for disease contexually transmitted

Admit it, we're in it and it's no scrimmage we're finished
Unless we committed to step into the bubble and End the Fed